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Office  Hours
Monday to Friday
7:00 am - 8:00 pm
[GMT -5]

The most important requirement to take our classes is a broad band internet conection [cable or ADSL]. Dial Up conections do not qualify.

The computer may have a 400 Mhz processor and Windows, XP or Vista. 256 MB or more of RAM memory. More RAM and processor speed will make applications run faster. Audio and video cards as well as a microphone and speakers or a "headset" which is the most appropriate. Web-cam is convenient, but not necesary.

The video-conferencing software we use is called Skype. Once you install it on your computer create a user account and add our user name etol-01 to your contact list. You'll be able to call us right away.

The second alternative we have is the telephone. Call us or send us your phone number and location and we'll be able to call you back.

Our representatives are ready to help you install this software, register as a new user and start a video-conference absolutely free. These software package is a free download.

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